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A Newbie Looks at Dr. Who

by Gail Z. Martin

Ok, so I’m the last person on the planet to discover the rebooted Dr. Who.  Regardless of that, I’m having a blast enjoying the 2005-2011 episodes thanks to Netflix.  I’ve enjoyed the (mostly) excellent writing.  I’ve loved the wittiness.  I really like the music.  But there’s something else I really appreciate.

In a media world that tends to favor violent characters like Jack Bauer in 24, it’s a wonderful thing to see a character who triumphs by the power of words and wit, cleverness and compassion.

I love that the Doctor gives his enemies a choice before he stops the problem, and that he solves his issues without guns.  Yet he is the most feared thing in the universe.  He understands that winning can come at a terrible price, and that power corrupts.  And although he has people who love him, he is still very alone.  That vulnerability makes him as human as the mortals he protects.

Favorite Doctors?  I’m very partial to Matt Smith (you never forget your first Doctor), with David Tennant coming in a close second.  Favorite companion?  Amy, along with Rory.  And I’m pretty fond of River.  Favorite episodes? I loved the weeping angels episodes, along with the two library episodes.

I’ll be looking forward to the new season this summer!  What are your favorites—Doctors, companions and episodes?  I’d love to hear!

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Best summer movies so far.

by Gail Z. Martin

I don’t ask much from my movies.  A few explosions, some impossible but cool special effects, and a little magic.

With Netflix and Redbox, we have gotten pretty choosy about which movies we see in the theaters (that, and our three kids are now old enough that we’ve lost the child discount rate so we have to pay for five adults, which gets pricy).  We triage our theater-going to which movies really benefit from the big screen, 3-D and/or IMAX treatment, and which would be pretty much the same on the TV at home.  Needless to say, explosions and magic look better when they’re bigger and louder, so that tends to tilt toward our choice of movies.

Thor was a lot of fun—better than I expected.  (It was worth it to hear half the theater gasp when he took of his shirt.) I also enjoyed Green Lantern.  Lots of action, not real heavy on plot.  Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was an ok popcorn movie, but I liked the first one best. (However, compared with Pirates 2 and 3, Pirates 4 looked like Oscar material. My opinion.  Just saying.) Of course, Harry Potter 7.2.  I thought Deathly Hallows 2 was very well done, with exceptional special effects and cinematography with a mood befitting the tone of the book.  I’m looking forward to seeing Captain America.

I missed getting to see X Men First Class and, alas, Kung Fu Panda 2, so I’ll have to pick those up on Netflix later on.  I’m also intrigued by Super 8, and might catch that one.  And while it’s not really a movie, I enjoyed catching up on Season 2 of True Blood thanks to Netflix.

So there you have it, my confession of guilty pleasure watching summer movies.  Pass the popcorn!

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