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New Book Bonus–Better than Chocolate?

It’s hard to decide which is better—books or chocolate. But a free novella when you buy an awesome adventure? That’s hard to beat. Here’s your chance to buy Iron & Blood and get Grave Voices for free!I&B final cover

Buy Iron & Blood, our Steampunk adventure, anywhere from any bookseller between 2/14-2/29/16. Be one of the first 200 to sign up at this link: https://conta.cc/1Q9tKHr and follow the instructions to email a photo of your receipt for proof of purchase. We’ll send you download links to Grave Voices, a steampunk novella in our Storm & Fury tie-in series for free!Grave Voices V2

Ever wonder how other readers read? You can find out the results of my reader habit survey here: https://www.magicalwords.net/really-i-mean-it/what-kind-of-reader-are-you-part-2/  Thanks to everyone who participated!

New February reader question! Answer it and be entered for a chance to win a prize! https://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07ec8yq3o0ikha9a8x/start

Have you heard about the Shadow Alliance? It’s my street team, and Shadows get all kinds of cool stuff plus exclusive work-in-progress snippets. Free and fun—help me spread the word! https://on.fb.me/1ltkpMR


Newsletter giveaway! Join my Chronicles newsletter in February and be entered for a chance to win a Starbucks or Tim Horton’s gift card! Two winners—one from new sign-ups and one from existing subscribers mean more chances to win! https://bit.ly/1CF12Th

FB Chronicles NL Meme

Coming Attractions—here’s where to find me at conventions and bookstores!

  • Feb 20 Signing–Books A Million, Concord Mills, Concord NC 1-3 pm
  • Feb 26 – 28 Mysticon, Roanoke, VA (launch party)
  • Mar 5-6 AZ Renaissance Festival, Apache Junction, AZ
  • Mar. 22 Shadow & Flame comes out!
  • Mar 23   AMA on Reddit/Fantasy
  • Mar. 26 Signing–Park Road Books, Charlotte NC
  • Apr. 2   Signing–Barnes & Noble South Park, Charlotte, NC
  • Apr. 14   Broad Universe Facebook party
  • Apr. 29 – May 1 Ravencon, Williamsburg, VA (launch party)
  • Secret new project! Shhhh—details to come!
  • May 7 Book Festival in Rutherfordton, NC

And if you haven’t read Vendetta yet, my new urban fantasy set in Charleston, SC and packed full of cursed objects, haunted heirlooms, vengeful ghosts and supernatural threats, what are you waiting for?



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News on The Sworn

by Gail Z. Martin

The Sworn is on bookstore shelves, and I am in bookstores doing signings and meeting with readers.  I really enjoy going to stores and conventions because it’s fun to talk with other people who enjoy reading.  It’s also fun to see how books find their way into people’s hands.  Many times, the person who will buy a signed book from me is buying for someone else.  I can’t count the number of times someone has said, “wait right here, I need to bring my {wife, sister, daughter, husband, brother, son, etc.} over to meet you—he/she likes that kind of book.”  I’ve seen people call someone on a cell phone or drag them down the mall or across the store because I’ve got “their kind of book.”  It’s also fun to think of my books being someone’s present for a birthday, Christmas, or another holiday or a care package sent to troops overseas.  I remember one man came into a bookstore just before Valentine’s Day last year with his son.  The man looked lost, and I asked if he was looking for a gift.  When I told him about my books (which I happened to be signing that day), he lit up like I had just solved his problem and bought all four that were out at the time!

Books are often considered to be less personal than a gift of clothing or jewelry, but picking the right book for someone is intensely personal if you really want to find a book that the person will care about.  It also often requires the buyer to set aside his/her preferences to get something the other person will enjoy.  The gift of the perfect book is a statement that the giver really knows you well.  It’s fun to be part of that chain!

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