Getting Graphic: Or My Chance at Being Part of a Really Cool Graphic Novel

Icarus cover w words-1by Gail Z. Martin

If you like graphic novels and comics, please check out Silence in the Library’s newest Kickstarter project, Icarus: A Graphic Novel.

The book is by Gregory A. Wilson, with art by MARVEL artist Matt Slay, and it’s pretty awesome. You can see by the cover, it’s got some eye-popping art.

Icarus follows the adventures of Icarus and Jellinek, two beings who are, on the surface, as different from one another as they can possibly be. Icarus is a tall, fair-skinned young man with wings, incredible powers, and no memory of anything other than his name. Jellinek is a short, flamepetal prospector with tough red skin, a general dislike of everyone around him, and a major attitude. Together, they must defeat a race of tyrants that has enslaved the world of Vol. Through the course of the story they find out that they are more alike than they can possibly imagine.

I’m one of the stretch goal authors for the Kickstarter, and if we reach my funding goal, LucasArts artist Joe Corroney will illustrate by story (along with colorist Brian Miller)!  I really hope we make it to my goal, because I’ve always wanted to be part of a graphic novel!

Some of the other stretch goals include illustrated short stories written by authors like Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood, Michael A. Stackpole, Jean Rabe, Maxwell Alexander Drake, and Aaron Rosenberg. Illustration for these stories will be done by artists like Cyril Van der Haegen and Jason Engle.

There’s even an absolutely free 3d Icarus RPG at the highest stretch goals.  Plus, there are cool rewards at a number of affordable pledge levels.

$10 and up gets the graphic novel plus most of the stretch goals, so if this is up your alley, please consider chipping in to make a cool project happen!  And thanks to all the funders so far, who have gotten us past the first several goals! But hurry: Kickstarter ends Feb. 12

Here’s that link, so you can check it out:


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