Questions I’ve Encountered from Readers

Over the last eight years of writing, I have come up against many different questions from readers regarding the subject of my writing. Every author is going to get them and depending on your genre, the questions are going to be different. Being a romance writer, I have gotten a few that are a little off the wall and some that are right up my alley. So I wanted to share a sampling of questions I have run across over the years:


Q. Who is your favorite romance writer?

Well…I don’t read romance novels, so I can’t really say. Because I write so much romance and erotic romance, I don’t read much of the  genre. I try to stay away from it and read horror, urban fantasy, and fantasy books.

Q.  Does your husband know about all of these men you’re sleeping with in your head to write your books?

Hmm…there are thousands. Hehehe….of course he knows about them and all the positions that I come up with considering I am an acrobat in my head and can do many wonderful feats of lovemaking. But when I try to tell him about it or show my husband, things never go the way I imagined them. Thank goodness for my characters so I can try new things out on them.


Q. Do you actually perform all the love scenes you write about?

Ahh…that would be a no because I can’t transform into a werewolf or a werecat and I think that would be extremely painful when doing so in the middle of getting hot and heavy. Besides, my husband is only human and I can’t grow fangs even though it would be fun. As it is, I don’t bend in certain ways that my characters do.


Q. Can I be in your book?

I think this is one of the best questions I’ve gotten few times because readers are awesome. The normal is no, but on occasion I have actually put a reader into a book for a bit part that normally ends up getting them killed.


I’ve gotten some other wonderful questions, but these are the ones that have always stood out in my mind. It’s nice to know that readers get so involved they want to know more. And I’m always open for more questions.

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