Exclusive Interview with Blaine McFadden, exiled Lord of Glenreith

Q:  You were exiled for murder.  Have you made your peace being a convict-colonist in Edgeland?

A:  I defended my sister’s honor.  I’m not sorry for it, and I’d do it again.  I expected King Merrill to have me killed.  I accepted that fate.  The king’s “mercy” sent me to the Velant prison and condemned me to the northern rim of the world.  I did my time, earned my Ticket of Leave.  Edgeland is home now.

Q:  You survived three years in the Velant prison, known for its harsh conditions.  Was that difficult, since you were a lord (although, granted, you had been stripped of the title)?

A:  It was difficult, since I was a human being.  Velant’s just an ice-cold charnel house.  I’ve been out three years.  Sometimes, I can sleep.  Not often.

Q:  If it were ever possible for convicts to return to Donderath—

A: (Interrupting) It isn’t.

Q: But if it were….would you?

A:  I can’t imagine why I would.  I’ve carved out a home here in Edgeland.  It’s not much, but I’ve discovered I don’t need much.  I’ve got a way to earn a living, and friends to drink with.  I can’t imagine why I’d return to Donderath….maybe if it were the end of the world….



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