Stuck In the Mental Mud with Muses Screaming

Devil'sTavern: Vengeanceby

Crymsyn Hart

Have you ever gotten to that point in a book where you’ve gotten stuck?

I’m not really talking about Writer’s Block, but just to that point within the flow of the story where you know what direction you want to go, but you just can’t get there. A wall comes down and for some reason you either lose interest in the storyline or your muses are screaming for you to start something else. I’m at that point right now in a novel. As much as I try to force myself from the mental mud I have gotten myself stuck in, I can’t get out of it and keep sinking deeper into the mire. So what am I doing to get out of it?

The muses are screaming at me to start another book, well four new books to be exact. I’ve ignored them so far on three of those new novels. I have outlined the remainder of the book I am stuck on and that has helped some. But it isn’t the complete answer. The cacophony of voices in my head makes me feel like I’m drowning because I can’t muzzle the muses and the one who is talking to me on the book I’m caught on seems to be losing interest. I guess I’m still trapped and there isn’t a quick and easy way out of the situation.

I’m sure all authors get to this point.

If there are any authors out there who are just picking up their pens or keyboards, don’t get discouraged. It happens and even though I can’t find an easy way out of it, doesn’t mean you can’t.

Anyone have any ideas to muzzle the muses or get me out of the mud?


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