Paranormally Speaking

From The Mad Monster Party

By Tina R. McSwain

The first time I attended a horror convention has me hooked.  Not my normal “con”, but a lot of fun nonetheless.  The celebrities were plentiful and a diverse group.  The vendor room drew alot of lookers, as well as buyers, so the merchants looked happy.

Then, there were the costumes.  I saw various versions of Freddy Kruger, Jason from Friday the 13th, pinhead, rogue vikings, a pair of dragons, and enough zombies to officially announce that the apocalypse has begun.  People watching is a favorite pastime of mine, and there were some interesting characters here.

If you’re local, the Con is still in Charlotte at the Blake Hotel.  Go ceck it out.  I on the otherhand am going to Kenturcy to investigate Waverly Hills Sanatarium again.




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