Adding Texture To Your Writing

by Gail Z. Martin

Does your fictional world have texture?

By texture, I mean details that make your world immersive for your reader, engaging all their senses as well as their imagination.

Think about the “texture” in your everyday life.  That includes things like the weather, background noises, ambient scents, and the colors, people and landmarks you see each day.  How would your world be different without those things that form the setting for your life?  Now think about your writing.  Without those textural details, what’s missing from your characters’ world?

Without texture, our fictional worlds and characters seem flat and unrealistic.  When we don’t work those details into our writing, our readers lose out on the feeling that they have truly visited.

How can you add texture to your world so that readers can recall not just what happened, but the sights, sounds, smells, feeling of the world itself?  If you’ve ever visited someplace on vacation that was very different from where you live, you know that years later, you recall not just what you did or saw, but the food you ate, the color of the light itself at different times of the day, the smell of flowers, the feel of bed linens, the voices of people you met.

Make your fictional world come alive in a whole new way when you add texture to your writing, and make your story memorable for your readers!

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