Paranormally Speaking

By Tina R. McSwain


In North Carolina, high school seniors are required to submit a paper and product as part of their Project Graduation requirements.  Many of them have chosen paranormal investigating as their subject.  I have been mentoring these students since 2008 when I was first approached and asked to help.  As of this writing, over two dozen students have enlisted our expertise and guidance.

Since that time, this endeavor has become a most rewarding adventure for both myself and my CAPS team of paranormal researchers and investigators.  Our students have taught us as much as we have taught them.  It has been a thrill for us to work with such young inquisitive and bright minds.  It has also been a comfort to us to be able to pass along our knowledge and ensure that there are paranormal investigators in the future.  Hopefully, those who follow in well trod footsteps, will carry on our legacy.

And, our students have received only the topmost grades on their final presentations.  If you are a student reading this, contact us, we must be doing something right…

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