The Writer’s Den

by Crymsyn Hart

Every writer has a special place where they write. To some it is their home office. To others it is wherever their laptops take them. Being such a mobile society, we can travel to the ends of the earth as long as we have a strong signal to connect. Besides that, every author that I know has a little slice of heaven where they can relax and let their mind’s wander.

I have several places where my muses feel comfortable.

One is my home office. The walls are lined with dark images from my favorite artist Joseph Vargo and to balance the darkness, I have pictures of goddesses on the opposite wall. This office serves a dual purpose for my day job too.

A glimpse into my strange world.

Originally, we were going to set up my office in one of our more spacious closets. We got the idea from an issue of This Old House magazine actually, but it turned out that with all the equipment I got for the day job it just wouldn’t fit.  And the puppies would keep bugging me. If that happened, then no writing would be happening at all. So I had to convert our second bedroom into an office.

The other place I love to write is a favorite coffee shop where they make the best chai. The smell of coffee in the cafe and the taste of the chai helps transport me to another world. And if I don’t find myself in either of these places then I’m sitting some place outside, on a nice day, and using my Blackberry to type. It’s nice to have an actual place to go, but my writer’s den is really inside my head, tucked away in a corner of my brain where I can get cozy and get to the business of creating other worlds.

What does your sanctuary look like? Do you have a particular place you love to write? If so, let us know.

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