Paranormally Speaking

By Tina R. McSwain


The word itself comes from the German language for “noisy ghost”, a poltergeist is just that. This type of haunting is usually manifested by strange knocking noises or banging, and loud movement of objects. This movement of objects can sometimes be violent, such as items being thrown off of dressers, tables, shelves, or walls.  While this type of entity may respond to questions with raps and taps, there is no audio or EVP produced. Also absent is an apparition of any kind.

The key difference between poltergeists and other types of hauntings is the origin of the manifestations. Some believe that an actual spirit is present, but the traditional cause of the disruption is believed to be an adolescent girl from the haunted family. It is thought that some girls, at or near the onset of puberty, can develop a psychokinetic ability. This means that they can move and affect objects with their thoughts by use of mental energy. Whether they are purposely causing the chaos or merely unable to control their powers is a subject of debate.  The activity itself will eventually subside, but it cannot be driven out or exercised.  As the young girl begins to mature and understand the changes in her body and learns to deal with the  emotions that come with that process, the angst or fear experienced at first begins to subside, thus diminishing the activity altogether.  

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