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Paranormally Speaking

By Tina R. McSwain

Physician, heal thyself.  How many times have we heard this metaphor?  Why is it that the caretaker often forgets to care for themselves?  In the case of a “Cleanser” such as myself, this can become downright annoying at best, dangerous at worst. 

After a recent investigation, I was so busy making sure my team was protected and free of any spirit attachments, that I forgot to take care of myself.  Luckily for me, my Mother acts as a backup.  For you see, she sees dead people, and is quick to point out that I have someone hanging around.  In this particular case, she brought up the subject at dinner.  She said, “I have been meaning to tell you for about two weeks now, you brought something home with you.”  So, I immediately begin to think back, where was I two weeks ago?  What was I doing?  As I begin to check my calendar, I ask her, “what did you see?”  She answers, “well I don’t rightly know, I don’t think its human, and it definitely is not good.”  The phrase “Oh crap” leapt to my lips, but I did not let it free.  I grabbed my phone and went outside to make a call to my support system.  After a few minutes of discussion, I had made a battle plan to rid my home of this entity.

I grabbed my “jump box” as I call it.  It has all my oils, salts and herbs and cleansing supplies.  I began to gather my items in earnest.  I grabbed a bottle of this, a sprig of that, and soon had concocted a mixture sure to remedy the situation.  I than begin to cleanse my home and myself.  I enlisted my Mother to help me.  She is amazed at the ability I have to do this type of thing. 

After a rocky start (I was made to feel lightheaded and we both heard a series of growls), I succeeded in riding my home of this unwelcome presence.  My Mother said she watched “something” leave out the front door. 

I learned a valuable lesson from a mistake that I will never make again.  In my line of work, one cannot afford to default on their spiritual maintenance.  Live and learn, as they say.  I’m just glad I lived through this one and emerged healthy and better equipped with one more piece of knowledge under my belt.

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