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by Casey Daniels

Writers wear a whole lot of hats, and lately, I’ve been getting a chance to try on every one of them.

Recently, it was the editing hat. I got the copy edits for “Wild, Wild Death,” book #8 in the Pepper Martin mystery series. My editor at Berkley Prime Crime had already been over the manuscript. Once he was done, a copy editor (usually a freelancer) got the manuscript.

Theoretically, a copy editor doesn’t make changes, and luckily, it was true this time. It’s not always so. I’ve run into a whole bunch of copy editors who want to be writers and who take the opportunity of going over my manuscript to make it sound the way they would if it was their manuscript.

But I digress.

Good or bad, thorough or too-thorough, edits are still edits, and for reading the copy edits, a writer needs one special hat. It’s the one that helps us thing logically–and dispassionately. I may love the sound of a sentence or an image I’ve come up with. But if a reader doesn’t understand it, if it’s muddy or unclear or serves as filler rather than moving the plot along, it needs to go. A good copy editor will find those things. A good writer will be willing to argue keeping them in when it’s necessary–and cut them when it’s not.

When I was done with that project, I changed hats and got back to outlining Pepper Martin mystery #9. I’ve got a November deadline for this book, and no time to waste. This is the part of the creative process where my brain can run free. I can explore all options, no matter how outlandish, try different things, create characters and situations and solutions. Oh yeah, it’s all about imagination and for this, I need my thinking cap.

That done, I put on my writing hat and started into the story. By the way, the book needs a title and I’d like to include the word “super” in it if possible. I welcome all your suggestions!

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Pepper Martin has gone international!

by Casey Daniels

Pepper Martin has gone international! The first three books of the series, “Don of the Dead,” “The Chick and the Dead,” and “Tombs of Endearment” have been published in Germany, both as paperback books and on audio.

How about this cover for book #1, “Don of the Dead”? Or the title: Tote Paten Kussen Besser, which as far as I can tell from a Babel Fish translation means Dead Godfather’s Kiss Better.

Oh yeah, that would get me to buy the book!

Curious, I managed to find the German publisher’s website. Here’s the blurb for book #1 (again, courtesy of Babel Fish):

Welcome in the world Pepper Martin, but are warned you: Here is nothing more, as it was. Peppers enrich father, a beauty surgeon, sits because of account fraud with the health insurance company in the prison. Its fiancé, a good-looking broker, lets Pepper fall like a hot potato, when the call of her Mr. Papa the brook down-goes. As much to their plans to become a married lady of the better society and worry only about their back hand and an even Braune.

Armed with a conclusion in history of art, which is wanted to actually never use seriously, Pepper must earn your living costs and gets themselves the most senseless of senseless job: She works as a Fremdenfuhrerin on a historical cemetery.

When Gus Scarpetti Pepper addresses there for the first time, she does not listen at all correctly. Finally the chap is already for thirty years dead. What can have to say to that already largely?

A with a wink Mysterythriller with a due shot romance for all, those already Sookie Stackhouse (temporarily dead) liked . . . in other words: Sex and the town center meets The Sixth scythe!

Let’s hope all that reads better in German than it does in English!

As for the cover, all I think as I look at Pepper in that long, flowy dress is what she’d say if she saw it . . . As if!

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