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Paranormally Speaking

By Tina R. McSwain

Prospect Place – Trinway, OH

This is one creepy place. The highlight of our trip here was getting locked out of the building by the ghostly inhabitants. Once we went outside to investigate the barn and the cellar (which could only be accessed from outside), I guess the ghosties had had enough of us, and locked us out! The door was very hard to shut in the first place, and the lock was turned to the locked position. Quite the experience.

The Bissman Building & Ohio State Reformatory – Mansfield, OH

After leaving Prospect Place around 10am in the morning, we journeyed to Mansfield just ahead of a thunderstorm. We went through Mount Vernon, OH and had our curiosity piqued by all the 5-pointed stars displayed on the houses. (We later found out this is an Amish tradition for good luck.)

After checking in to the hotel and grabbing a much needed shower, we set out for the Mansfield Fire Museum (reportedly haunted) and took part in an impromptu historical and paranormal tour.

Leaving there, we set out for the Ren Theatre (another reportedly haunted location). We had quite an interesting experience, in of all places, the Men’s Room. Some EMF Meter hits as well as a knock at the door and no living person around to have done the knocking. We conducted an EVP session here as well.

Last but not least, we headed for the Bissman Building, our original Saturday evening destination. This family owned food distribution business has quite the sordid history. From rumors of illicit liquor and mafia influences, to the tragic murder of a young girl, and the vigilante justice handed out to her murderer by the company’s employees. Three of our team members had an uneasy feeling on a certain floor, and two had to leave the area entirely. The rest of us carried on with our tour. This is one location we want to visit again!

Sunday was our day (and night) for the Ohio State Reformatory. Just as we did at Prospect place, we deployed 8 stationery night vision cameras, 2 stationery full spectrum cameras, and several motion detectors strategically placed throughout. Our teams covered this imposing structure from (literally) top to bottom. As you can imagine, we have hours and hours of video and audio to review for any possible evidence captured.

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