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Favorite Pets in Fiction

by Gail Z. Martin

Who are your favorite fictional pets?

I’m a pet-lover, so I enjoy pets that are written well in fiction.  I think for sheer number of fictional pets, the Harry Potter series probably holds a record, with all of Hagrid’s pets (Fang, Fluffy, Aragog, Buckbeak, and others) as well as Scabbers, Crookshanks, and all of the owls.  Data the Android had his pet cat on Next Generation, and Captain Kirk had the tribbles.  Dr. Who has K-9, and even Harry Dresden has pets.  Of course, in mystery series, cats seem to be represented more often than dogs, but sci-fi/fantasy seems to have some of both, with some otherworldly creatures thrown in for good measure.  In my own Chronicles of the Necromancer series, Tris Drayke has two wolfhounds and a mastiff, and a perk of being a summoner is that you know when the ghosts of your departed pets are still with you.

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