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What’s New with Chronicles of the Necromancer author Gail Z. Martin

Solaris author Gail Z. Martin (The Summoner, The Blood King, Dark Haven, Dark Lady’s Chosen) stops by to catch us up on what she’s been doing lately.

Q:  Last year, you had a short story in our “Magic” anthology.  Folks who were expecting an epic fantasy tale may have been surprised by your contribution!

A:  I created my Deadly Curiosities world for the anthologies in which I was asked to participate.  So far, the stories have spanned about 500 years, from the 1500s to present day.  So when Solaris asked me to write a story for the “Magic” anthology and I wrote a modern-day Deadly Curiosities short piece of fiction.

Q:  What’s the concept behind your Deadly Curiosities world?

A:  In a nutshell: Cassidy Kincaide owns Trifles & Folly, an antique/curio store and high-end pawn shop in Charleston, South Carolina that is more than what it seems.  Dangerous magical and supernatural items sometimes find their way into mortal hands or onto the market, and Cassidy is part of a shadowy Alliance of mortals and mages whose job it is to take those deadly curiosities out of circulation.

Q:  Until now, you’ve focused on epic fantasy.  Why the change?

A:  It’s not really a change, it’s an addition.  I love the world I created for my world of the Winter Kingdom like The Summoner, The Blood King, Dark Haven and Dark Lady’s Chosen.  But it’s fun to do something different, and writing something new adds some creative juice.  I’m having a blast!

Q:  What’s going on with your Hawthorn Moon Sneak Peek Online Event?

A:  The Hawthorn Moon was a festival in The Summoner that was a very important event, on the summer solstice.  When The Blood King was about to come out, I did the preview on June 21, and it has become a tradition ever since that on and around June 21 I offer a first look at the cover of my new book, plus excerpts, guest blog posts, Q&A, character interviews, book giveaways, readings, podcasts and more!  You can find all the details for this year’s big event at www.ChroniclesOfTheNecromancer.com.

Q:  You’ve got something going on Twitter during the event that is rather unique, don’t you?

A:  I love talking to readers on Twitter!  So on June 21, I’ll be picking 7 people at random to receive a free signed copy of some of my books.  Then tell your friends, because from 6/22-28, for every new 200 people who follow me @GailZMartin, I’ll do another drawing for a book, up to 20 books.

Q:  You’re also really active on Goodreads.  What do you like about that site?

A:  Goodreads lets me hang out with readers who might not be in places where I’m going to do a signing or a convention and have a conversation.  I host a different topic every month on something writing or fantasy related, and we have a good time talking about it.  I also enjoy posting the books I’ve recently read. During my Hawthorn Moon event, I’ll be giving away copies of one of my books, so find me at Goodreads.com/GailZMartin!

Q:  You’ve got some short stories on ebook set in the Deadly Curiosities world in time periods before the “Magic” story.  What can readers expect?

A:  I’ve been bringing out new direct-to-ebook short stories, one every month, to Kindle, Kobo and Nook.  Some tell the story of Jonmarc Vahanian (from my Chronicles of the Necromancer series) before his role in The Summoner.  The others are set at different time periods in my Deadly Curiosities world, where Sorren, the immortal behind the Alliance, works with a variety of mortal partners to keep the world safe from dangerous magical items.  It’s a lot of fun, and for the equivalent of 0.99 USD, it’s a cheap thrill, so please check it out!

Q:  Where else can readers find you?

A:  I love social media, because it gives me the chance to get to know readers all around the world.  So in addition to Twitter and Goodreads, I’m on Facebook as WinterKingdoms, on Shelfari, and on Pinterest, where I post photos from some of the sci-fi conventions I attend, plus other things that catch my fancy, like abandoned amusement parks. I blog at DisquietingVisions.com, and host the GhostInTheMachinePodcast.com with fun author readings and interviews.  All the details are at www.ChroniclesOfTheNecromancer.com!

The Hawthorn Moon Sneak Peek Event includes book giveaways, free excerpts and readings, all-new guest blog posts and author Q&A on 21 awesome partner sites around the globe.  For a full list of where to go to get the goodies, visit www.AscendantKingdoms.com.

Gail Z. Martin is the author of Ice Forged in her new The Ascendant Kingdoms Saga (Orbit Books), plus The Chronicles of The Necromancer series (The Summoner, The Blood King, Dark Haven & Dark Lady’s Chosen ) and The Fallen Kings Cycle (The Sworn  and The Dread).  She is also the author of two series on ebook short stories: The Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures and the Deadly Curiosities Series. Find her online at www.AscendantKingdoms.com.


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