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Ten Things about Being a Writer

All of these things have happened to me on more than one occasion. I’m sure that there are many more things to list and other authors have different experiences, but one thing remains constant. We write because we have to or we might go insane. If we already aren’t, of course. 🙂


  1. You wake up in the middle of the night with ideas, write them down, and in the morning either can’t read your own handwriting or you look at the idea again and wonder what you were thinking.
  2. Write until your fingers cramp and your brain feels like it’s crispy.
  3. Procrastinate by making playlists to listen to while you write.
  4. Scratch down ideas on anything you can find wherever you go, even if it’s on the back of a receipt.
  5. Keep all your rejection letters until you have enough to wallpaper your bathroom with.
  6. Stay up late at night claiming you’re writing, but secretly you’re watching your favorite movie.
  7. You have conversations with your characters and argue where the plot is going to go and they change directions on you without warning.
  8. Your characters have conversations without you and no matter what you do, they won’t be quiet.
  9. You write one book and another idea pops into your mind so you just have to write that one too.
  10. You want to spend more time with your characters then you do with real people.

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