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Deadly Curiosities hit the ground running!

Everyone had a great time at the Facebook launch party—if you missed it, all the fun conversations and the freebies from my 20+ author guests are here: The Facebook Launch Party is over, but you can read all the great conversations here:

There’s a new video:

And Solaris Books has created two free computer wallpaper version of Chris McGrath’s awesome cover:

Not to mention two different Deadly Curiosities excerpts!

There are two new Deadly Curiosities Adventures short stories, Wicked Dreams and Collector—a great way to stay in touch with the characters until the second book comes out!

  • Wicked Dreams: Inexplicable murders among King Street merchants look like the work of a long-dead serial killer. Cassidy, Teag and Sorren go looking for an undead slasher before the body count rises.
  • Collector: A Collector’s passion brings death and despair to Battery Row. Cassidy, Teag and Sorren fight for their lives against an ancient spirit, a children’s bogeyman, who has brought her minions with her to help discipline all in her path.

Next up–I’ll be in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland in the next couple of weeks–look for me to do a signing at Forbidden Planet in London on 7/23, at Waterstones Cardiff on 7/31 along with Lou Morgan and Gareth Powell, and keep your eyes open for something in Edinburgh too!

Had a wonderful time at ConGregate!  Next up is Dragon*Con, then ContraFlow in October, followed by a hat-trick trifecta of November cons: World Fantasy/Atomacon/Philcon!  Hope to see you soon!

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