Q&A with Steve Dorning

DSC02581.   What is the title of your newest book or short story?

The title of my newest short story is called “Bottom Of The Mug” and is included with a whole slew of talented author’s works in the Anthology “A Tall Ship, A Star, And Plunder” from Dark Oak Press.  It’s a pirate story of adventure, friendship, duty and redemption. You can find it just about anywhere good books are sold, like Amazon, the Dark Oak Press website or Barnes and Nobel.

2.  Why did you chose to become a writer?

I really didn’t chose to become a writer, it chose me. Stories have always played an important part in my life.  They let us escape from reality into different worlds where anything is possible, and I had so many worlds coming to life and dying in my mind that it just made sense to start writing them down so I could share them with other people.

3.  What inspired your new story?

Actually, the world that it is set in actually inspired it.  I’ve been working on Alongrid, a world where dwarves pretty much populate most of the land, and humans are seafaring nomads, or pirates.  When the story call for a pirate story come in, it went hand in hand with what I was already doing, and it gave me a chance to flesh out the human side of things.

4.  What do you read for fun?

I read just about anything for fun, but mostly science fiction and fantasy.  A little supernatural thriller if it’s done right.  My absolute favorite authors are David Gemmel and Jim Butcher.  I still recall the first book I read by David Gemmel.  It was ‘Legend’ and it was about a castle siege.  I remember thinking ‘A castle siege? How can you make that interesting? They can’t go anywhere or do anything.’ But I gave it a chance.  I couldn’t put it down. I read the whole book in one sitting.

5.  What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Write your story.  Forget about word count or how many pages you have and write the story from beginning to end.  You can always go back and add if it’s not long enough or cut if it’s too long, but if you don’t have it written down you don’t have anything to work with.

6.  Where can readers find you on social media?

If you just want to pick up my books you can goto my website,  https://www.heavymetalcowboy.com  or Amazon Author Page, listed under S.P.Dorning.  If you want to get in touch with me, or just follow along with what’s going on in my career, you can find me on facebook under Stephen Patrick Dorning or you can “like” my book page at https://www.facebook.com/dorningbooks

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