The Days of The Dead Wrap-Up—Still Plenty of Tricks and Treats!

Thank you for helping put Ice Forged at #1 in the US and Canada in three categories for books and ebooks on Amazon and into the top 70 books on Kindle in both countries!

Some of the contests in the list below are still running for a limited time, so there’s still a chance to win free books!

The blog posts and videos will be up long-term, so here’s the full list.  A couple will be posting later in November.  And like any good Halloween party, there are extra treats—downloadable excerpts and audios of my work and several of my author friends.  Enjoy!

  • Orbit Books (—A guest blog post on Stalking the Shadow Side and a chapter excerpt from Ice Forged
  • AND a post on my vote for who is the Ultimate Urban Fantasy Fighter
  • New Video for Ice Forged and Reign of Ash:
  • I Smell Sheep on why my brain is a dangerous place for characters.
  • Solaris Books —A blog post about the new Deadly Curiosities novel plus a never-before seen excerpt
  • Magical Words—A guest blog from me on “Looking Over the Brink” plus a different excerpt from Ice Forged
  •—a drawing to win a copy of Ice Forged (through 11/4) plus a blog post on “Epic to Urban and Back Again”
  •—another chance to win a copy of Ice Forged and a blog post about Genre and Gender at
  • Out of the Box Media A drawing for a copy of Ice Forged and a blog post on the Brave New World of Publishing
  • – a blog post on The Hardest Part of writing urban fantasy
  • AudioBookaneers is offering a drawing for an audio copy of The Sworn Coming soon!
  • RisingShadow  Asks me all the questions no one else dared to ask!
  • Beauty In Ruins has a brand new interview where I spill all my secrets!
  • Fantastical Imaginations has an all-new interview
  • Civilian Reader has my take on It’s the End of the World—Bring Charmin
  • Fantasy Book Critic on When the Grid Goes Down
  • Paranormal Authors on Digging up Bones: Through a Glass Darkly
  • Janine Spendlove’s blog on my upcoming story in the Athena’s Daughter’s anthology
  • Toni Sweeney’s blog on Living in Interesting Times
  • Tera Fulbright’s blog and a post on The Con-Going Writer
  • A Marvelous New World on Series, Characters and Sanity
  • Joshua Palmatier’s blog on my upcoming story in Steampunk Vs. Aliens
  • Kelly Hashway’s blog Where’s the Line Between Horror and Epic Fantasy on 11/13
  • Skiffy and Fanty on My Superpower
  • Chaos & Insanity talked to me about  Creating Fictional Holidays
  • Vonnie Winslow Crist’s blog on Suspense, Horror and Romance in Epic Fantasy
  • on Urban/Epic Whiplash
  • KristiPetersenSchoonover.com
  • on The Long and Short of It about the new short story series on
  • on Epic Fantasy is No Place for Wimps
  • Indian SF on Myth, Magic, Folklore—and Fantasy Coming soon!
  • The BroadPod includes an audio reading of Vanities
  •—Readings from all of my new short stories—including some that haven’t been released yet!
  •—A special post from me about how the short stories fit into the world of the novels, and a different chapter excerpt from Ice Forged, and sample chapters from books by several of my author friends!
  • TheWinterKingdoms on Facebook  (please “like” my page!) “like” my page before 11/30 and enter for a chance to win a signed copy of The Dread!
  •—a blog post on what new surprises lie in store—and where I’ll be in 2014, plus more excerpts!
  • On Goodreads  Talking about Your Favorite Monsters—join in here:–favorite-monsters
  • New radio interview on Beware the Spaceman
  • @GailZMartin—Links to some of my excerpts and audios, plus links to downloads from some more of my awesome author friends!
  • Pinterest—See some of my photos from the conventions I attend, cities I visit and more—plus my favorite board, “Abandoned Places”
  • I’m now on Reddit and I’ll be the Fantasy Author of the Day on April 2 for Reign of Ash and on July 9 for Deadly Curiosities and an AMA-Ask Me Anything in April!
  • Watch for excerpts and new short fiction from me on Wattpad—Come hang out and connect! Excerpts from Buttons, Reign of Ash, The Low Road, Among the Shoals Forever and Raider’s Curse.
  • Reign of Ash excerpt here:
  • Speculative Scotsman excerpt and Q&A here:  and here:

  • On Falcata Times, I talk about rebuilding after the apocalypse
  • For Fantasy Faction, I riff about why anarchy is overrated.
  • On Dave Brendon’s blog, I muse about “found families” in fantasy
  • With SFBokhandelin, we discuss my own version of “chaos theory.”
  • No Cloaks Allowed explores When Magic Is The Problem.
  • J For Jetpack Let’s Hear it For Reluctant Heroes
  •  Discusses “Writing the Holiday Tie-in” on Nov. 13
  • The Squealing Nerd, Review of The Dread

Trick or Treat wouldn’t be complete without Treats!  In this case, book excerpts—some mine, and many from my author friends.  Enjoy!

From my friends at Dark Oak Press—a sampler platter of delights!



From my Broad Universe friends, the Wicked, Wild and Whimsical Words Tour:

From E Rose Sabin

  •  or  or

From Linda Nightingale

  • Cardinal Desires:
  • Sinners’ Opera:
  • We Shadows:
  • Danse Macabre:
  • Artificial Gods:

From John Hartless


From Charlene Roberts


From Ben Manning


And some of mine:

  • An excerpt from Buttons, the Deadly Curiosities Adventure that inspired the upcoming novel:
  • An excerpt from Among the Shoals Forever, from the Deadly Curiosities Adventures—one of my scariest yet!
  • An excerpt from Reign of Ash (1 of 4)
  • An excerpt from Raider’s Curse, in the Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures–
  • An excerpt from The Low Road, from the Deadly Curiosities Adventures
  • An excerpt from Ice Forged, Book 1 in the Ascendant Kingdoms Saga:
  • An audio excerpt from Stormgard from the Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures–
  • An audio excerpt from Wild Hunt in the Deadly Curiosities Adventures:
  • An audio excerpt from Storm Surge from the Jonmarc Vahanian Adventures:
  • Fantasy Faction (Marc Aplin:
  • Falcata Times (Gareth Wilson:
  • J For Jetpack (Paul Wiseall:
  • No Cloaks Allowed / Gav Reads (Gavin Pugh:
  • Speculative Scotsman (Niall Alexander:—all-new interview plus an excerpt from Reign of Ash

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