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Tina R. McSwain

Many paranormal research teams employ the use of a “psychic” on their investigations.  Why not check out a local Psychic Fair to see what this mystic is all about.  CAPS will be there too, so come by our table and meet the team, tell us your ghost story, or get information on CAPS (The Charlotte Area Paranormal Society) and what we do.

CAPS to Appear at The Traveling Psychic Fair

The first Traveling Psychic Fair of 2013 will be held at Muggs Coffee on Park Road (near Selwyn intersection) in Charlotte, NC on Sunday – January 13, 2013 from 12 NOON until 5PM.

The Fair features the following:

Gina Spriggs – Master Tarologist

Lisa Jenkins – Intuitive Readings

Karen Yoder – Tarot With a Twist

Jenn Vivian – Aura Readings

Linda Backes – Mystical Fochaadams

Azera – Intuitive Tarot Reading

Dawn Petalino – Personalized Chakra Readings

Iesha Hoffman – Messages from Spirit

Bea Gordon – Angel Readings

Tina Heckman – Animal Communicator/Intuitive

Sherrie Avitan – Channeled Psychometry

Andy Silver – Spiritual Mediator

All Readers will offer introductory 15 MINUTE sessions for $25.00. There will be vendors as well.

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