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Crymsyn Hart

Hello world!

Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually getting to break out of my author’s mind and get a chance to address all of you. It isn’t like my author keeps me chained up and tortures me. Although, there are certain times when my fellow muses and I do have to attend workshops so we can accurately inform our author how to use certain equipment when she writes about it. Those can be exceptionally fun and always breed more entertainment and shenanigans than our author can handle so we restrict her access. But I can tell you that ten muses running around in a BDSM dungeon, set up in some mountain retreat, filled with werewolves and gnomes makes for an excellent weekend party. But shh…we can’t let on to our author that we get drunk and frolic naked. She still thinks we’re all sophisticated sitting around collaborating on ideas all the time.

Of course, there are times we discuss ideas, but that is usually when we are all playing poker and munching out on pizza. I get my best inspiration when I’ve had too many pot brownies. Our author doesn’t imbibe, but what goes on in her mind is a well kept secret. So the current ideas we have lined up for her are starting to pile up. It’s getting rather crowded in our cramped quarters, tucked away in the paradise of her thoughts.

However, when she finally gets to one we will all have some relief, but then the partying gets to start all a new. Until then, I’m going to hide out and munch on some delicious brownies.


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