Where fact & fantasy meet: Remote viewing

By T.W. Fendley

I love to read stories that explore possibilities, which is why speculative fiction is my favorite genre. I get a kick out of following someone’s journey to a place only their imagination could take them. I’m also fascinated by the scientific and metaphysical underpinnings–that’s what makes these tales “snap” for me. What I’ve discovered is that reality is often stranger than we think.

The thrill of walking the narrow and sometimes muddied path between reality and imagination is what keeps me writing speculative fiction. I wrote most of my historical fantasy novel, ZERO TIME, in 2007, after I took early retirement. With more time to do things that interested me, I also took a more hands-on approach to studying metaphysical concepts.That included becoming more involved with an Edgar Cayce book study group I had joined a couple of years earlier. If you’re not familiar with him, the “sleeping prophet” was America’s most documented psychic. My mother had told me about Cayce when I was a teen, but this was my first chance to talk with people who studied his work. In my book, I patterned much of Omeyocan culture on the metaphysical concepts I was learning from them and the books we read.

My first attempts at remote viewing were during an online course offered by the Association for Research & Enlightenment (Cayce’s organization) in November 2007. Which brings me back to my comment that reality is often stranger than we think. Remote viewing (RV) provides a perfect example.To give you a non-technical definition, RV is a scientific protocol developed by the military during the Cold War. Viewers learn how to enhance communication between the conscious and subconscious mind, and develop their skill at describing places and events across time and space. It’s an ability most people have, but some are more talented than others. Here’s what remote viewing looks like when someone really good does it: Pam Coronado

Remote viewing inspired parts of ZERO TIME. For instance, early in the book, the expedition leader Xmucane is trying to find her mate, Xpiyacoc, by teaching others how to use crystals to enhance telepathic communication.

“You can’t just think it, you have to feel it. Communication flows through dimensions that don’t follow linear time or geographic limits that we perceive … Now focus on the [crystal] orb you just created and clear your mind of all thoughts … It’s hard to receive messages that don’t make sense to you. You have to overcome the doubts expressed by your own inner voice to get to the true guidance of your higher self.”
‘But a rainbow-colored serpent?’ Starry Skirt asked.
‘Even that,’ Xmucane said.”

My studies of remote viewing continued in 2009 with a weekend workshop at the Monroe Institute on “intuitive investing” using a technique called Associative Remote Viewing (ARV). I’d also been looking into quantum entanglement and wondering what it would look like in practice. ARV gave me the chance to experience some of those connections across time and space, ones I’d only imagined in ZERO TIME. Since 2009, I’ve documented more than 700 viewing sessions with statistically significant results showing a higher than random rate of success. Some sessions by me and others are shown on a blog I host, www.ARV4fun.com.

I’d love to hear about situations you’ve encountered that defy conventional explanations. Do you write about them?

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