What to buy with those holiday gift card? A geek guide.

by Gail Z. Martin

So you got a gift card.  Why not get your geek on and buy what you really want?

Like an iPhone skin that turns your phone into Han Solo encased in carbonite, or a remote controlled R2D2, or even a Star Wars movie poster skateboard?  (Because you already got the BluRay DVD set of Star Wars, ‘fess up.)

It’s late in the season, but you could probably grab a Star Wars Lego Advent calendar so you’ll be ready next year.  Or the Lego Deathstar with over 3,800 pieces.  How about Star Wars Mighty Beans?

Brighten your holidays with a Dalek Christmas tree?  (I’m not making this stuff up, honest– https://www.wired.com/underwire/2011/12/gift-guide-giveaway-2011/)

Or what about a pizza cutter shaped like the Enterprise?  (You know, I never realized the similarity before, but now that they point it out….)

There’s always Klingon Monopoly or a Spock Mr. Potato Head.

Of course, you already have a Jayne hat, right?

Everyone’s got Harry Potter Clue, don’t they?  But how about your very own Mirror of Erised?  A “Team Neville” t-shirt?  How about a wand that lights a candle? (Now that’s a twist on The Clapper.)

Of course, there’s always a copy of William Shatner singing Bohemian Rhapsody  https://youtu.be/cKo4FMzt_hM


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