Setting the Mood for the Dark and Scary

Hey all,

It’s October. Time for ghosts and ghouls to be haunting the darkened streets. Vampires and werewolves are prowling the night trolling for victims. Let’s hope we’re not one of them. People dressed up like dead presidents and horror movie serial killers are getting ready to party while their children hunt for candy along deserted streets.

You happen to find that your friends have abandoned you to hit some happening party, leaving you all alone in the creep old house. But what they didn’t mention was there used to be a funeral home in the basement. The remanants of the creamatoriam linger along with a few dead bodies. And as you are all alone in the house, no one can hear you scream when the creatures of the night come alive and decide they want to eat you.

Now doesn’t this sound like a great beginnings to something dark and spooky.

Something like this has been running though my head this past month, mostly because tis the season for the spirits and spooks, but also because I’m working on a ghost story. Taking a step aside from the paranormal hotness of the romance I normally write. It is very freeing and in doing so, my brain has been working double time in order to find the right words to set the mood for the horror novel. Of course you need that

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