Paranormally Speaking

By Tina R. McSwain

My apologies to the readers for my post being late.  I will strive to do a better job going forward.

Plan B

Sometimes the “B” stands for Best.  We had to cancel a recent private investigation due to weather as some of our activity was to be outside.  There was a strong thunderstorm in the area, so we went out to dinner as a group.  After dinner was over, it was around 9:45pm and we suddenly found ourselves with nothing to do, and a whole night ahead of us.

One of our colleagues suggested we go to a favorite haunted spot of ours, an old abandoned cemetery.  So, off we went.  It had quit raining, the clouds were gone and the full moon was shinning brightly.  We started our investigation around 11:00pm.  Over the course of the next three hours, we experienced one of the best investigations we have ever had at this location.

Four of us heard footsteps, two of us got pinched, two of us heard moaning, and one of us had a black shadow person standing behind them.  We caught an entity on a photo and even got an EVP that told us to “Get Out”.  What a great night!!  So, at least in this case, Plan B turned out to the the best plan!

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