Paranormally Speaking

By Tina. R. McSwain

They come to get you when its time…

I have a friend who is dying.  (The reason you did not see a blog from me last week).  She is currently at a hospice facility.  I spent all day with her on Saturday of last week, and yesterday.  I can tell she doesn’t have long.  She asked me to check out her room.  I asked her what she meant by this statement.  She said, you know, do that thing you do and see if anyone is here with us.  I began a short meditation, and did pick up on a man; rugged, tall and was wearing a hat.  I kept this to myself.

She continued and said, well I am seeing people.  I asked her what people, she said she was seeing her dad.  I knew her dad had passed many years ago, but I had never met him.  I asked what he looked like and did he favor wearing hats.  She said that he did, and that he was a tall, rugged man who had been a farmer all his life.  That confirmed what I had suspected.  Her time is drawing near, and her father is there to help her cross into the afterlife. 

What a comforting thought, that you don’t have to make that journey all alone.  Someone who loves you will be there to help, and allieviate any fears you may have. 

Godspeed, my friend.  I will miss you

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