The Words Escape…

By J. F. Lewis



Blog. Blog. Blog.

It seems simple. From mind to fingertips then out onto the white expanse of nothing, generating words which will be of use to aspiring authors, amusing to readers, and please your fellow bloggers.

Some days it’s easy.

Yet other days…


The words escape.

Of course, no deadline was ever satisfied by writer’s block.

So what do you do? I’ve tried all sorts of things during my stint as a professional filler of blank pages: walking around the block with the dog, bouncing tennis balls off the wall, listening to a playlist (that one actually helps some times), lying down on the chaise lounge for exactly fifteen minutes… even reading a book, but do you know what works best of all for me?

Powering through it. Sure the words might get erased the next day, but momentum is important. Next week, I’ll be blogging about vampires and time travel, but this week, take a thirty minutes and just write, even if you’re normally a reader. Write about your day, the dog, the cat, or even write about lunch. Let me know how it went, okay?

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