What is your instrument?

by Crymsyn Hart

Memorial Day is past and summer is upon us. At least it is
here in Charlotte. This whole week is supposed to be in the high 90s with bad
air quality. I cringe to think of hubby since he has asthma so it makes
breathing hard for him. I, working from home, stick near the fan and the air
conditioning typing away on my laptop that is missing the V, B, N keys thanks
to one of my dogs dive bombing it. The S key likes to stick and the delete
button is being temperamental. I think it’s the heat. But it could just be the
computer. It’s a few years old and I’m in need of a new one soon. Of course
saying that now, it might just decide to die on me. I’ve had that happen to me
before. Me and electronic items don’t get along much.  Although, as much as I love the laptop, I love
my Blackberry more.

For the past three summers, hubby and I have been going to
the local baseball stadium and watching the games. The first summer we went, I
took notebook and pen and wrote away since I’m not a huge fan. The next couple
of summers,I upgraded to my Blackberry. Such a great invention smart phones.
The things you can do on them while stopped at a traffic light.

People think I’m a little crazy because I write on such a
tiny keyboard. But I love it. I’m sure others write on their phones too. I mean
it’s easy. I love the feel of long hand when I pull out the notebook, but
trying to go back and read my own writing is a nightmare. I have worse than
chicken scratch. Then there is even more work when trying to retype it, but
whatever tool you use, I commend you. As long as the characters get their say
then, woohoo. That is the most important thing.

So back to the semi-usable laptop. Later on, I’ll break out
the Blackberry and hubby will again look at me and shake his head wondering
what in the world I’m doing. I’ll flash him a smile and then get lost in my own
world again.

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