Paranormally Speaking from the Con.

Paranormally Speaking
by Tina R. McSwain

This weekend, we are at StellarCon 35 in High Point, NC. We set up our display table and met and talked with many interesting people. They had good stories to tell, and a few questions for us as well. We spoke on two panels. One I would call Ghost Hunting 101, and the other was deemed “Meet the Ghost Hunters”. Panels for you non con-goers are exactly what they sound like…a panel of experts in their field, seated at a table up front and speaking to a room of interested persons.

Now at cons, you meet all kinds; stormtroopers, Jedi, Starfleet, Klingons, steampunkers, pirates, authors, vendors, gamers, artists, podcasters, and some that defy explanation. We conducted a poll on views of the paranormal and got the following results. The Jedi believe in the paranormal, stating that the force can be likened to what we would call telekinesis (moving things or otherwise affecting them with the mind), they also believe in the existence of ghosts, pointing out that many Jedi have returned from the dead to offer advice to their living counterparts. Most notably Qui-Gon Jinn spoke to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Obi-Wan and Yoda spoke to Luke, and even Anakin Skywalker allowed his son to see him on the good side after he died as Darth Vader. Starfleet officers told us that it depended on which planet you were from so they really could not give us a definitive answer to our poll questions. But the Klingons did state that they do believe in an afterlife and believe they must die honorably to enter Stovokor. Should they die dishonorably, they would be thrust into Grethor (their version of Hell). They also told us of a Jatlyn, the Klingon term for spiritual possession. Translated into human speech, it means “the taking of the living by the dead”.

So, yes, no matter what race you are, the paranormal realm fits in nicely at the cons.

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