by Crymsyn Hart

After some debate with friends on writing, there are many different opinions and questions about what an author should write. Some people say write what you know. Others go real deep into research to get things exactly right in a story. Others do both and some just wing it. Sometimes it depends on the subject of the novel as we authors want the reader to enjoy what they are reading. Hoping they can fall into the story and let their minds follow the characters to destinations unknown.

I do a little bit of both depending on the storyline or the characters. If the main characters are witches or psychics, I write from experience because I’m both. The same with any vampire novel I write only because I’ve done tons of research on them in the past so it’s pretty much committed to memory. However, I also do research on what I don’t know which is a lot. It’d be great to say I knew it all, but then my head would explode.

Then again, there is the question on writing just for the market and not following the muse that screams in a writer’s head. Over the past year, I’ve had to face that same question. My muse has tendency to go against me when it comes to including the amount of sex in a book that I like to put in and what the readers want for erotic romance. The market calls for a lot and there are times it’s just hard to put out. But I go to a place and come to a meeting of the minds with my muses and it gets done.

All in all, I do whatever it takes to get the book done and made the characters interesting. As questions come up, I answer them the best I could. But where there are more answers there are always more questions.

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