Shape shifters and why we find them so riveting

By Crymsyn Hart

Admit it. Shape shifters come in all shapes and sizes. From the enormous, hulking dragon, to feisty werewolves, perfectly proportioned cats, be they large or small, down to those sex snake shifters who love to slither along their mate’s body.

It seems that all animals are being written into the two skinned hunks we all love to read about. My personal favorites, besides the werewolves, are the large cats. From the roaring king of the jungles or sexy tigers along with the large birds of prey. I love my shifters with a little tail or a smattering of feathers. But I think what draws the reader into the shape shifters’ world is that element of danger that having a relationship with a shifter entails.

Get them angry enough or on the right phase of the moon and bam! There goes the man and out pops the beast. Or when there are two, three, or four main characters all end up in bed tougher, depending on what sub-genre of paranormal romance you’re reading and the shifter accidently bites or scratches the other human characters. Then you’re in a butt load of trouble, because what if the other character turns into an animal. What if they don’t want that? Does the shifter want his or her love interest to be like them? What a plot twist if that is the case?

But I think it is in the wild, untamed sides of ourselves that lures the reader in. We want to touch the sleeping beast that lives inside of all of us. To be able to run through the wilderness and have there be no consequences. The shifters survive on instinct. They embrace the animal inside of them and let it roar. Not many of us can claim such abandon, of giving up ourselves. How many of you can truly break away from the ties that bind us to our humanity and become something else? No one to control them or nothing that holds us down.  To me that is why we enjoy reading about shifters. We love them to brood or be unpredictable, just as long as they are hunky and will let nothing stand in their way.

Pick your animal and run, fly, or swim with it.

What do you prefer? What do you want to see more of from authors? What have you read and it just didn’t work for you? Do you think there are some animals that should stay animals? We’re dying to hear about it.

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