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Electronic vs. Real


Crymsyn Hart

How much do you enjoy the feel of a real book? Do you love that wonderful scent of the paper invading your senses when you walk into a bookstore so it wraps around you and sinks into your soul? The weight of the novel in your hands when you sit and read it, curled up underneath the light, sipping on a cup of tea or whatever beverage that brings you to that calm place you sink into when you read.
Or are you more of an electronic kinda person who enjoys reading on a Kindle, Nook, or other device? Would you rather the nearly unlimited storage of the device and cutting down on the space that physical books take up?

It’s something I’ve been wrestling with for the past couple of months since I got my I-Pad 2. I love books, but let’s face it, I’m running out of room to put more bookcases in the house. I love the feel of actual books and the smell of them. But I’m rather picky anyway about what authors I buy only because I’m doing the penny pinching thing and it seems that kindle books for the mainstream authors are the same as the paperback or maybe a couple dollars cheaper and of course the small pubs set their prices lower and they have wonderful authors out there. So I’m slowly breaking into reading more e-books.

That and the virtual bookshelf is great. Breaking into the digital age is hard for me at least in regards to giving up books. But I think that I’ll figure out a happy medium.

What do you prefer?

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