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The Ship ‘Cruelty’–a #HoldOnToTheLight post by Wendy S. Delmater

The ship “Cruelty” Leaves selfishness as its wake It swamps your boat. Swim.   In 1989 I was diagnosed with chronic depression. And I had no idea I was depressed. I just thought I was sad, and lonely, and lazy. … Continue reading


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Starting the Conversation—A #HoldOnToTheLight Update

By Gail Z. Martin 100 authors are now part of the #HoldOnToTheLight conversation! Our authors span the globe, from the US to the UK to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Even more exciting is that as the campaign picks up … Continue reading

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Fandom Takes Care of its Own—a #HoldOnToTheLight post by Gail Z. Martin

  I grew up believing that I was not going to survive to adulthood. My parents were into doomsday politics and apocalyptic religion, so whether it was Soviet nukes or Armageddon, we were all going down in flames. Everyone around … Continue reading

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Turning Back to Epic Fantasy

by David B. Coe Like Gail, I have written in several fantasy subgenres over the course of my career, most recently taking on contemporary urban fantasy (with my Case Files of Justis Fearsson trilogy) and historical urban fantasy (with the … Continue reading

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Jumper–A #HoldOnToTheLight post by Chris Kennedy

I watched in horror as the girl slid between the rails of the 10th floor balcony, looking at the ground far, far below. It was my third year of college at the University of North Carolina, and I had come … Continue reading

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#HoldOnToTheLight—Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors Blogging for Mental Wellness

What happens when more than 75 sci-fi and fantasy authors start a conversation about mental wellness, mental illness, depression, suicide prevention, domestic violence intervention, PTSD treatment and related issues? We don’t know, but we’re going to find out. #HoldOnToTheLight is … Continue reading

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